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    Appointment of a commercial Agent & Debt Submission

    STEP ONE: Engnagemnt of commercial Agent

    Authorization 1

    I confirm by signing below, that i am an authorised representative fo the applicant and wish to appoint Professional Recovery Services Pty Ltd (PRS) (ACN 159237019) to act as our debt collector (licensed commercial agent). This appointment is a continuing appointment whereby we wish to use PRS services. I understand PRS does not charge a joining fee and has no minimum amounts of debt I can refer to them. I authorise PRS to collect any accounts on the applicants behalf and further allow PRS to instruct solicitors where legal action is required (a separate authority is always obtained before legal action commences as costs are involved with this process). I agree with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and FEE SCHEDULE.

    IAgreetoAuthorization1 use_label_element "I Agree to Authorization 1"]

    Authorization 2

    The applicant also agrees that PRS that may deduct monies held in the Trust Account of PRS trust account on behalf of the applicants including any commissions and/or legal costs or outstanding invoices.

    IAgreetoAuthorization2 use_label_element "I Agree to Authorization 2"]