Debt Collection

At PRS, we pride ourselves on ethics, integrity and are compliant with all legislative requirements. PRS is mindful of relationships between you (our client) and your debtors. Apart from collecting your debt, re-educating your debtors is our main goal. We wish them to pay your debts in a timely manner and we are aware of your reputation in the marketplace and emphasise customer service to protect your company’s product.

  • You are allocated a personal Recoveries Officer, who will action your accounts from beginning to end.
  • Your Recoveries Officer is trained in commercial and consumer debt collection as well as the litigation process (court process).
  • PRS will act on your behalf to contact the debtor, via letter, phone call and face to face to pursue outstanding debt.
  • Upon the successful recovery of bad debt, PRS will collect commissions payable.

Debt Collection FAQ's

Our business model has many variations, however our letter, phone call and face to face collections ensure that your account is given the best service possible. PRS pay and subscribe to numerous databases to locate debtors and conduct asset searches.

PRS earns an income on a performance base commission, meaning PRS only earns commission if your debts are paid. Our motivator in collecting your outstanding money is commission, and there is only one way we can make commission. There are no joining fees, administration fees or charges for the letters we send out.

Should we be unable to locate a debtor, we quote to you what it will cost to engage a private investigator to conduct “skip tracing”. These costs are generally non-recoverable, however if your credit application / terms and conditions has allowances for this, we can add these fees onto the debt.

Should PRS be unsuccessful in the collection of your account, we discuss further options with you. These options may include commencing legal action against a debtor. An assessment must be conducted on the account to ensure that the debtor has the ability to pay, and that it is commercially viable for you to commence legally against a debtor.  We may advise that you offer a settlement or payment arrangement should there be a valid dispute.

There may be other occasions where you will be quoted costs to increase your chance of collecting a debt. You are under no obligation to spend any money if you do not want to, however all options are provided to you. Legal action will be quoted to you if it is a viable option as there are costs involved. A majority of these initial costs are recoverable through the courts.

To commence the collection process with our firm, we need to understand your exact collection requirements. Our rates are negotiable and they depend purely on the age, size, nature and volume of your outstanding accounts. If you believe your matter is self explanatory and you wish to commence immediately, please proceed to our homepage and submit your debt online.

Alternatively, you need to complete an Appointment of a Commercial Agent form as well as our Terms and Conditions. Please contact our office to discuss your matter and we will send you the engagement forms. Once we receive these documents back with a copy of the outstanding invoices/s for collection and any supporting documentation such as contracts, credit application, purchase orders, we will commence actioning your accounts within a few hours.