We are compliant with all Legal, Regulatory and Contractual Requirements

PRS is compliant and practices ethical debt collection techniques with compliance with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and ethical standards.  We, and our clients, demand and expect mutual brand name and reputation protection through a strong culture of compliance.

We apply a Code of Conduct

We are committed to and have incorporated the ACCC and ASIC Debt collection guidelines and are compliant with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. Adherence to this Code and our company’s policies and procedures is critical to our function.

We have an external dispute resolution mechanism

We provide our customers with independent external complaint and dispute resolution facilities.  As a non-bank member of the Financial Ombudsman Services Limited disputes resolution scheme,  this delivers a free and impartial adjudication service of our business activities and conduct.

Disclosure of relationships

Professional Recovery Services Pty Ltd shares office space with Strand Conveyancing Pty Ltd and Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers Pty Ltd. Each business is independent of one another, however, costs pertaining to the “day to day” running of the office a split between entities. Examples of costs will include cleaning, photocopying, staff amenities, stationery and reception duties.

All material including all electronic communication is kept securely and not shared with either entity sharing the premises unless the client expressly instructs Professional Recovery Services Pty Ltd to do so. Sensitive print material is kept securely in independent filing cabinets under lock and key and not accessible by other entities. A marketing agreement is in place between all parties mentioned in this disclosure and commissions are paid between parties should any referrals be provided or received.

Some entities have common shareholdings and/or directorships, however, clear roles are defined through each business with clear leadership of Directorship in each business. Professional Recovery Services Pty Ltd has a significant database of both clientele and debtors. From time to time, Clientele will be referred to Professional Recovery Services Pty Ltd as debtors. This is unavoidable as conflict checks are both extremely time-consuming given clientele and debtors are run from different systems through PRS. All care shall be given to avoid the above from occurring.

For any questions relating to disclosure of relevant relationships, please contact Mr Stewart Wilkinson of Professional Recovery Services.