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Understand Your Rights and When To Go Legal

You are under no obligation to ever proceed legally with any debt you refer to PRS. If all avenues of debt recovery have been conducted, and PRS has been unsuccessful, an assessment is carried out on your file with a legal liaison officer to determine if commencing legally is both viable and commercially sound for you to do so.

Any debt collection firm that attempts to sell their services to you without acknowledging the importance of legal action is providing you the wrong advice. The role of debt collectors is to attempt recovery of a debt prior to the matter proceeding legally. Once the matter has been identified to proceed legally, it is important to allow the debt collector to keep carriage of the matter. The importance of this is for the following reasons.

Partner with a collection agency with understanding of the law

Your Recoveries Officer deals with Solicitors on a daily basis and will understand the industry jargon as well as the steps and processes required to successfully recover the debt. Your Recoveries Officer will liaise with the Solicitor on your behalf and discuss the best path of action and then provide “simple English” explanations to you. You will never get billed for phone calls or emails from the Solicitors as the communication is managed by PRS.

Enter a fixed cost agreement for legal services in pursuit of your debt

A cost agreement is in place between the debt collector and the Law Firm whereby capped and quoted costs are agreed. In summary, PRS has negotiated a “set fee” for legal action compared to you being charged every 6 minutes by a Solicitor. PRS in effect has “bulk buying power” and ensure every Solicitor we use is extremely competent (in our opinion). Should legal action be recommended, you will be quoted the costs and asked to provide your instructions to commence in writing.

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