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At Professional Recovery Services (PRS), we specialise in providing performance-driven corporate debt collection and recovery services to businesses across Australia. With decades of experience and a proven track record, our expert consultants apply innovative collection strategies and streamlined processes to maximise returns for our corporate clients.

We understand the challenges that businesses face when it comes to recovering outstanding debts. Unpaid invoices can quickly impact cash flow and profitability. That is why we offer a comprehensive suite of corporate debt collection solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our services are designed to help you get paid faster while maintaining positive relationships with your customers.

Expertise in Complex Corporate Debt Recovery

PRS are leaders in recovering debt in complex industries that many firms shy away from. We have partnered with a team of building and construction dispute specialists, creating a powerhouse recovery team that consistently achieves outstanding results. Our case managers have extensive experience maximising returns for sole traders, construction companies, national financiers, distributors, and businesses across diverse sectors.

When you partner with PRS for your corporate debt collection needs, you will be assigned a dedicated case manager who understands your industry and the specific challenges you face. We take a proactive, consultative approach, working closely with you to develop customised strategies that deliver the best possible outcomes1.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Efficient Debt Recovery

At PRS, we leverage the latest advances in technology to provide our corporate clients with a cost-effective, efficient, and results-driven debt collection service. Our online portal allows you to easily lodge new matters and track the recovery process in real-time. You can sit back and watch as our expert team works diligently to recover your outstanding debts.

By harnessing the power of technology, we can offer competitive rates and unparalleled transparency throughout the debt recovery process. You will always know exactly where your matters stand and what actions are being taken to secure payment1.

Proactive Advice to Minimise Future Bad Debts

In addition to our core corporate debt collection services, PRS also provides valuable advice and training to help our clients minimise bad debts in the future. We understand that prevention is often the best solution when it comes to managing accounts receivable.

Our team will work with you to identify early warning signs of potential payment issues and implement effective credit management policies. We can assist with re-educating your customers about the importance of paying within agreed trading terms. By being proactive and setting clear expectations upfront, you can significantly reduce the risk of bad debts impacting your business down the line.

No Recovery, No Fee

At PRS, we offer a performance-based fee structure for our corporate debt collection services. This means that you only pay for results – if we do not recover the debt, you do not pay a cent1. We are confident in our ability to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients, which is why we are willing to tie our fees directly to our success.

Partnering with PRS for your corporate debt recovery needs is a smart business decision. You can focus on running and growing your business while we handle the complex and time-consuming process of chasing down delinquent accounts1. With our proven strategies, cutting-edge technology, and expert team, you are one step closer to successfully recovering your bad debts1.

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Professional Recovery Services have decades of industry experience in recovering debts on behalf of people just like you. We take the time to understand your business and provide you with practical solutions to recover your debt and to prevent debt in future. 


There are several key benefits for businesses in partnering with a corporate debt collection agency:

  1. Higher Recovery Rates: Debt collection agencies have the expertise, tools, and techniques to increase the likelihood of successful debt recovery compared to in-house efforts. Their skills in negotiation and persuasion often lead to higher recovery rates.
  2. Time and Cost Savings: Outsourcing debt collection allows businesses to save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on chasing unpaid invoices. This enables companies to focus on their core operations while the agency handles the debt recovery process.
  3. Legal Compliance and Protection: Debt collection agencies are well-versed in the complex laws and regulations surrounding debt collection. Partnering with an agency ensures compliance and reduces the risk of costly legal issues for the business.
  4. Preserving Client Relationships: Using a third-party agency as a mediator can help preserve positive relationships with customers. The business can maintain good client relations while the agency focuses on debt recovery.
  5. Access to Advanced Tools and Resources: Collection agencies have specialized skip tracing technologies, reporting tools, and data analytics to streamline the debt recovery process and improve success rates.
  6. Improved Cash Flow: By recovering debts faster and more efficiently, debt collection agencies help businesses improve their cash flow and overall financial health.
  7. Customized and Flexible Solutions: Many agencies offer tailored debt recovery strategies and services to meet the unique needs of each business client and industry.

In summary, partnering with an experienced corporate debt collection agency provides businesses with the expertise, resources, and time-saving solutions needed to maximize debt recovery, protect cash flow, and allow the company to focus on its core growth activities. The agency acts as an extension of the business’s accounts receivable department.

A corporate debt collection agency like Professional Recovery Services (PRS) can help businesses recover bad debts in several key ways:

  1. Expertise and experience – PRS has a team of highly trained debt recovery specialists who understand the complexities of collecting corporate debts. They have extensive experience dealing with debtors across various industries and know the most effective strategies to secure payment.
  2. Tailored strategies – The agency will work closely with the business to develop a customized debt recovery plan based on their unique situation and requirements. This may involve negotiation, flexible payment arrangements, legal action, or other techniques to maximize recovery.
  3. Preserving business relationships – PRS focuses on collecting debts in a professional and ethical manner. They aim to recover the money owed while still maintaining positive relationships between the business and its customers wherever possible.
  4. Leveraging technology – Debt collection agencies use advanced software, analytics, and automation to streamline the recovery process, prioritize accounts, and improve efficiency. This tech-driven approach enables them to achieve better results.
  5. Saving time and resources – By outsourcing debt recovery to PRS, businesses can free up their own time and resources to focus on core activities. The agency takes on the burden of chasing payments, sending reminders, and handling time-consuming administrative tasks.
  6. No recovery, no fee – Many agencies, including PRS, work on a contingency basis, meaning they only get paid when they successfully recover the debt. This reduces risk for businesses and ensures the agency is motivated to get results.
  7. Improved cash flow – Engaging professional debt collectors increases the likelihood and speed of recovering outstanding invoices. This helps improve the business’s cash flow and financial stability.

In summary, partnering with an experienced corporate debt collection agency provides businesses with the expertise, strategies, technology and resources needed to maximize bad debt recovery, while preserving important customer relationships. It’s a smart way to improve the bottom line without all the hassle of chasing debts in-house.

A corporate debt collection agency like Professional Recovery Services (PRS) can help businesses prevent bad debt from occurring in the first place through several proactive strategies:

  1. Credit risk assessment – PRS can assist businesses in thoroughly evaluating the creditworthiness and payment capacity of potential customers before extending credit. This may involve credit checks, financial analysis, and industry benchmarking to identify high-risk customers and set appropriate credit limits.
  2. Clear payment terms and policies – The agency can advise on establishing clear, written payment terms, due dates, late fees and consequences of non-payment upfront in contracts and agreements. Transparency from the outset helps set expectations and minimize confusion that could lead to late payments.
  3. Regular customer monitoring – PRS can help implement systems to consistently monitor customers’ payment performance and overall financial health. Identifying early warning signs of potential payment issues allows the business to proactively address concerns before an account becomes severely delinquent.
  4. Timely invoicing and follow-up – Sending invoices promptly and following up with friendly payment reminders prior to the due date encourages on-time payments. PRS can manage this process on behalf of the business.
  5. Flexible repayment options – Offering payment plans or restructured terms to customers facing temporary financial difficulties can prevent accounts from becoming uncollectible bad debt. The agency has experience negotiating mutually agreeable arrangements.
  6. Credit policy development – PRS can collaborate with the business to design an effective credit policy aligned with their goals and risk tolerance. Regularly reviewing and adjusting credit practices based on performance helps continuously improve bad debt prevention.
  7. Staff training and support – The agency can provide training to the business’s staff on identifying risky customers, effectively communicating with clients, and handling payment issues. Empowering employees with knowledge and best practices maximizes the chances of successful collection.

By engaging PRS’s expertise early on and implementing proactive credit management strategies, businesses can significantly reduce the occurrence of bad debt and protect their cash flow. Preventing the problem is more efficient and cost-effective than attempting to collect on overdue accounts later.

Here are some best practices for businesses to follow when working with a corporate debt collection agency to prevent bad debt:

  1. Conduct thorough credit checks on new customers before extending credit. A credit worthiness check will highlight issues like late payments and past bankruptcies. Only extend an amount of credit that keeps the customer within a healthy debt-to-income ratio.
  2. Establish clear payment terms, policies and collection procedures upfront in contracts. Outline due dates, late fees, and consequences for non-payment. Have the customer sign off on these terms before extending any credit.
  3. Maintain regular communication with the debt collection agency. Provide them with accurate, up-to-date information on delinquent accounts. Promptly respond to any inquiries they have.
  4. Take a proactive approach by having the agency send payment reminders to customers before the due date. Friendly, automated reminders can help prevent late payments from becoming overdue.
  5. Work with the agency to offer flexible repayment options to customers facing temporary financial difficulties. Installment plans or restructured terms may encourage customers to pay while preserving the relationship.
  6. Authorize the agency to gradually escalate collection efforts if initial attempts fail. This could include formal demand letters outlining consequences, reporting to credit bureaus, or pursuing legal action as a last resort.
  7. Ensure accounting systems integrate smoothly with the debt collector’s software. Modern platforms can automate tasks, provide real-time account statuses, and make it easier for the agency to recover debts on your behalf.
  8. Maintain professionalism and comply with relevant laws and regulations. Avoid overly aggressive tactics that could damage customer relationships. The agency must adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and applicable state laws.

By partnering closely with an experienced corporate debt collection agency and implementing these best practices, businesses can take a strategic, proactive approach to preventing and recovering bad debts. This helps protect cash flow and profitability.

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