Building and Construction debt collection is one of the most complex areas of recoveries as special legislation, more often than not, supersedes normal debt collection avenues. Very few debt collection firms attempt to recover debts relating to building disputes, however PRS has partnered with a team of building and construction dispute specialists. Once we understand the size, age and nature of the debt as well as your contracts and invoicing, we can provide recommendations of the best debt recovery pathway.

  • PRS are experts at initiating claims arising from the Building and Construction Payment Act 2004.
  • PRS are partnered with litigation experts as Building and Construction is a sector prone to disputes.
  • Several clients have contacted PRS after a Liquidation or a Voluntary Administration of a debtor has occurred.

Debt Collection FAQ's

A special piece of legislation called the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 may protect you, and if applicable, you need to act very quickly so we can determine if you are eligible and you are contractually allowed to enforce the Act.