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Dulux Account Holders

PRS offers an exclusive range of services to Dulux account holders

At PRS, we pride ourselves on ethics, integrity and are compliant with all legislative requirements. PRS is mindful of relationships between you (our client) and your debtors. Apart from collecting your debt, re-educating your debtors is our main goal. We wish them to pay your debts in a timely manner and we are aware of your reputation in the marketplace and emphasise customer service to protect your company’s product.

Debt Collection Services

  • No sign up fees, subscriptions or other hidden charges
  • Exclusive discounted rates for Dulux account holders
  • Legal action taken on uncollected debts only on written authorisation from the customer
  • Legal action costs charged at Magistrates Court scale rates which are  recoverable from the debtor

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Legal Services

  • Access to our integrated legal firm, Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers.
  • Legal action costs charged at Magistrates Court scale rates which are  recoverable from the debtor.
  • Legal advice charged at the discounted hourly rates, or agreed fixed fees for services

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Credit Documentation

  • Credit Applications, Terms & Conditions of Sale, Guarantees available compliments of Dulux Group & Professional Recovery Services

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  • Professional Recovery Services provide training courses for business owners & accounts receivable staff on managing the Credit & Accounts Receivable process. Fees & availability on application and will vary depending on requirements & numbers to be trained.

To request training services available to Dulux account holders click here

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